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Remnant | MD
Monologues | 2. What Is A Virus?

Monologues | 2. What Is A Virus?


Today I tackle a topic I get asked a lot of questions about, mostly because I have in the past (and to this day) question the mainstream paradigm surrounding viruses.


Discussion Outline:

  • Why talk about Viruses?

  • Basics of cellular information storage and expression

  • An analogy to understand how cellular life traffics information

  • What is a Virus?

    • How people typically think about viruses

    • The problem in the mainstream conceptualization of viruses

    • Common terms used to describe viruses which are inappropriate

  • My framework for understanding viruses

  • Illustrative case of the simplest RNA virus

  • How biologic viruses are similar to other kinds of virality

  • Why viruses matter clinically

  • The “viruses don’t exist” psy-op

  • Which “virus” was really introduced in 2020?

    • Or, which set of viruses?

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Remnant | MD
Remnant | MD
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