Remnant | MD
Remnant | MD
Monologues | 1. This I believe.

Monologues | 1. This I believe.


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This is the first installment of the solo audio transmissions I committed to doing earlier this month.

Here I discuss the following:

  • Why I’m “crazy” and how others receive it

  • Freedom to be wrong

  • Why I continue to read and write

  • The de facto paradigm within which people interpret novel ideas in medicine

  • The function of the digital alternative health space

  • My role in this digital space

  • Examples of what I believe about health and life


I am not yet sure what to call this ‘series.’

In the recording I suggested calling it Roughwork, but I am not yet sold on a name.

Make suggestions in the comments!

And, let me know what you think of this experiment.

Whether or not you want to hear more of my voice.

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Remnant | MD
Remnant | MD
On a mission to understand the connections between traditional medical wisdom and modern human physiology.