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Dialogue | Weaponized Weather and Your Health [Audio]

Dialogue | Weaponized Weather and Your Health [Audio]

Guest: Caroline Coram

This podcast episode is a conversation with Caroline Coram, someone I met on Twitter and have since engaged with her work on Substack, called The Boom Review.

The focus of her work centers around monitoring weather patterns, because there are certain volatile weather phenomena which activate environmental toxins to cause disease.

She is also interested in man-made weather patterns, such as cloud and storm seeding, and provides an interesting interpretation of these man-made events.

From my perspective, the most important questions are:

  1. What is causing these weather changes?

  2. How does it impact our health?

  3. How can we mitigate the damage?

The video of our conversation is available to paid subscribers:

Introducing Seminars

On this journey of exploring all of the relevant contributors to health and disease, I have come across some interesting people with interesting perspectives.

As I speak with them, the conversation will be available to the readers of this Substack.

If you would like to be part of the conversation, I will be opening a section that will make the conference call available to its subscribers, and the attendees of these Seminars will have the ability to ask the guest (and myself) questions at the end of the conversation.

This publication will serve two purposes:

  1. Allow you, the subscriber, to engage with interesting perspectives on health and disease.

  2. Enrich the entire room’s learning experience while doing so, because you may ask questions the rest of us had not considered.

If you are interested in taking part in these Seminars, drop a comment below or shoot me an e-mail at

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