The cellular environment is incredibly complex and dynamic. To understand the concerns with gene-based injections, we need to go back to basics.
Ever wonder how several nations across the globe suddenly & simultaneously contravened their citizens' constitutional rights?
The Autoimmune Reaction Hypothesis gets published in the medical literature.
In Part 1 we discussed the interaction between injected genes and the immune response. Now, we turn to the risks these injections pose on the genome.
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Everything you need to know - most of which your doctor either doesn't know or won't tell you.
The role of melatonin in reflux, heartburn, and complications including cancer.
Those of us who held the view that infants were being exposed to Spike protein mRNA in breastmilk, were laughed at. Now, the Journal of the American…
My father had complained of numbness & tingling in his hands for years. Fiat medicine got him nowhere. One look at his spine, and the problem was clear…
Anytime somebody I care about approaches me about how to proceed with their health concerns, I am reminded that navigating the healthcare system is a…
Many are aware that to properly absorb Calcium, you need vitamin D. But, few are aware of the vital role of vitamin K2.
Ray Peat is a Professor of Physiology with an almost cult-like following. Not for religious zealotry, per se, but rather his opinions on the causes and…