Dark times ahead.

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Thanks for spotting this. Quite obviously as soon as it was discovered that LNPs enter the circulation, Pk and Pd studies should have been demanded as should all the other preclinical studies (eg carcinogenicity, multi generational fertility etc etc) which were waived merely on the basis that it had a vaccine label slapped on it.

I wonder to what extent the fact that the author is “only” a physicist will be used to dismiss the letter?

OTOH it’s a mainstream academic journal.

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Mar 23, 2022Liked by Remnant MD

Excellent article that the general population can understand. My training in biochemistry and interest in immunology prepared me for my decision not to partake in this genetic injection. Unfortunately, many who think they know immunology by listening only to the woke sector of academia have played Russian roulette with their health and likely that of their children.

I hope many will snap out of the psychosis they are in before it’s too late.

When an ideology and perhaps financial interests cloud the judgement of mentors, educators, and healthcare providers, what will be the outcome for those who were manipulated into accepting a shot of autoimmune-inducing elixir? Who will be responsible for this catastrophe? When will we hold the “science” gods accountable?

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