Up to now it had not occurred to me that COVID provided cover for those economic policies that you listed. But yes, of course it did when you consider the axiom of all those in Permanent Washington: "Never let a crisis go to waste!" It also destroyed the last shred of credibility for mainstream media, which never stopped screaming that the mortality rate was in excess of 3%. The true rate was below 0.2%, which happened to be the number stated by then-president Trump. Everyone I know that got the Pfizer vaccine also got COVID. We got the J&J one-shot, and have not had so much as a cold in the last 4 years. But there was a suspicious hemorrhage in an eye, which fortunately resolved without issue. At this point I am so skeptical that the prospect of vaccines for shingles, pneumonia, or flu is giving me pause. By making big changes in diet and lifestyle 6 years ago, my wife and I are free of prescriptions in our mid-70s, unlike any of our friends and neighbors of similar age.

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An immunologist posted this a while ago I thought you might like it. I couldn’t see your Luc substack so don’t know if you used these links.


“Some amazing research from the lab of Luc Montagnier on the ability of PCR to pick up a DNA sequence from the EMS signature of some pathogenic bacteria/viruses without their actual presence in the vial. Could this phenomenon explain false-positive PCRs for COVID?”


Here's their 2015 review: Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves



And some earlier work:

Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures

Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences (2009)



DNA waves and water (2011)




“I was lucky enough to attend two conferences where Luc Montagnier presented the first two of the studies cited and I was able to talk to him about it. It is absolutely fascinating and so ahead of his time. He believed these concepts were a potential mechanism of action of how homeopathic remedies work.”

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Great summary, thanks!

A concern I have is that those on the fence or fully captured by the narrative will stop listening when any suggestion of Covid being a planned event is made. Of course, some just don’t want to listen, either to their allegiance to the Covid religion, or because they are burnt out and don’t want to have to think or care about it now.

While a credible argument exists for the entire pandemic being an engineered exercise, a key point is the regardless of this possibility, the resulting response totally took advantage of the situation to implement all the interdictions mentioned in this article (and more, some yet to be realized). These social control actions were clearly driven by the overzealous (possibly well meaning) set of questionably competent public officials, as well as those intentionally doing so for whatever gain they pursued.

So in my mind, in addition to resistance to any of these Orwellian oriented “for the greater good” actions, the public MUST do what they can within their respective political systems to excise the overly susceptible, willfully or unintentionally consistently ignorant “officials” in elected or appointed positions. (Great article here: https://theethicalskeptic.com/2019/03/07/nelsonian-inference-and-cultivated-ignorance/ ).

And why must all the spell checkers capitalize Covid? The flu isn’t capitalized so .... This is one of those simple “right in your face” accepted things that help reinforce the narrative that no one notices. SMH.

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Why are US hospitalisations going up? This virus is weak, it is a flu/cold. Ivermectin works like magic. Why doesn’t everyone have it in their medicine cabinet. If they wait too long, some people get lung congestion which then turns into bacterial pneumonia. Treatable with antibiotics. There is no reason why anyone who has access to healthcare should be in hospital with covid. I thought the USA has the best medical care in the world.

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