Only one question remains to be answered: was there ever a new pathogen called SARS COV2 or was it a rebranded flu?

I'd say the latter because nobody would fall for locking down the world and vaccinating few billion people over a flu.

There was no pandemic in Canada:


So, why this conspiracy?

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I know for a fact that for at least the first 6 months of the pandemic if you were symptomatic but not in danger of dying in order to get tested for flu you had to first report for covid testing and then wait 3-5 days for a negative result before they would even consider giving a flu test. Of course by 3-5 days most people were well on the way to recovering from flu and didn't bother to go back for the flu test and I am sure that among those who did go back for the flu test they were now negative. If you add in that people who were positive for covid got the standard take 2 weeks off work and isolate from everyone and were not tested for flu at all even though it may have been a concurrent infection. It would be interesting to see from the samples that were taken of positive covid tests if there is any correlation between positive concurrent flu infection and the people who died from covid. That would be separate from those killed by covid protocols.

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Very clarifying! I feel like I've been waiting for this kind of information for a long time. I always thought the claim that covid supplanted flu didn't make sense and that it was more likely bc flu wasn't being tested for.

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My question is, why are deaths from Covid almost exclusively in the elderly while influenza deaths affect children in a significant way? Also, speaking with doctors on the front lines, this virus doesn’t act quite the same as influenza.

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Thank you for re posting this. I reported here yesterday a convo with my medical provider about COVID deaths in his practice and how he revealed to me he knew of no flu deaths (but it was because none came to mind immediately). I asked him if he found that curious.

And here you have an article that is related and so very interesting. Thank you. This sort of information with other things we learn really lends to our ability to be wise to the next thing to come and to talk to others about the facts as of now. Much more profitable to come at the fearful with this sort of info. No should haves, just... here we are - let's learn.

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Interestingly, Roche no longer has the excerpt on page 24 of their manual for the test…at least that I can find from their repository.

I will have to dig into my archives to see if I saved it.

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I hate I missed this article until now because I think it's one of the most important I've read in four years on what was really happening.

I wrote the below-linked article on Tim McCain of Alabama who had severe Covid (and almost died) in December 2019/January 2020. Note that Tim also was diagnosed with Influenza A.

His case has been ignore by public health experts and journalists (except for me). I hope you can reference this case study in future articles on this topic. Also note the sidebar article about the observations of a New Orleans Emergency Room physician - who also saw three cases of coinfected Covid and Influenza A patients in that city's early outbreak.



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I was transfixed reading through this. It seemed plausible that flu had simply been beaten by covid in the transmissibility stakes given the impositions on the general population. But reading this it is was a magicians trick, look over there while I do this over here. On second thoughts may be its a lawyers trick, here is a multiple assay test, but if you get this result its not a multiple assay test, but that's in the small print which most do not read so you will never know.

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Succinctly put, the presumption of Covid, supplanted what heretofore was the presumption of influenza. Thats it. Generally at least. The "Presumption" has been the top of the differential DX for influenza for a long time. They simply gamed the PCR test and granted Covid the Presumption crown.

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Would love to share this but the language would make people think it was coming from a uneducated source.

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Fascinating. I (unjabbed elder) was hospitalized in early Jan 2022 (after long holiday with fully jabbed family) with "Covid" and the ED PCR test showed positive on Cov and negative on IAV and IAB. Admitted due to severe SVT, elevated cardiac enzymes, and peripheral ground-glass opacity pneumonia. A very unpleasant 5 days ensued, followed by a month of weakness and slow recovery at home. Thanks for this enlightening finding - your articles are very educational.

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