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Doc, in the meanwhile, Ontario (Canada) are working on accelerating med school training.

"Shorten the time to get into medical school.

Shorten the duration of medical and nursing training.

Shorten residencies (post-graduate hands-on learning; like an apprenticeship)."


Do you see this model getting replicated in other parts of the world?

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So, the question is, what are we to do?

I sincerely doubt my state senators or rep care about this provision hidden away in the bloated bill.

What recourse do we have?

I am sick and tired of the F D A doing everything that is opposed to decent human compassion, everything that does good only for the pockets of the pHarma companies.

Pretty soon we will lose all the old generics that have reasonable track records, because the big companies will demand use of only their latest and greatest inventions. I present Coumadin as but one example. Why is it no longer available?

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