Excellent Summary!

Terrain Theory sometimes attracts people running around going "viruses do not exist"..

When I suggest they can easily prove this and volunteer to be injected by any of the Ebola Viruses they vanish...

I must also recommend the excellent book(2 books in 1)

Bechamp or Pasteur? -A lost History of Biology by Ethel Douglas Hume

Prefaced by

Pasteur, Plagarist, Imposter-The Germ Theory Exploded.

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"germ theory is an extreme case of terrain theory."


I've been saying (effectively) this for many years. Are there pathogenic microbes? Of course. But the ones we are most aware of are the ones that cause the most damage... even in the most robust of us. The other 100,000 that roam our bodies remain invisible to us. Reconceptualized as exposures that impact all of us on a scale from "not at all" to "death" forces you to refocus on the health of the host, and not on the pathogenicity of the microbe.

As the mother of a vaxx-injured/PANS son, I am *acutely* aware of the host conditions that lead to even the most mundane microbe wreaking neuroinflammatory hell. Trying to explain this simple concept to people who are entrenched in the germ theory view of the world can be a challenge... but once they get it, they see everything differently.

In related news... I just finished Ethel Hume's "Bechamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology". Even edited for modern writing style, it was a tough read. But yet again, I was reminded that so much of what we believe is historically true is actually more a result of politics and subterfuge. I guess in that respect, nothing has changed...

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Very clear explaination. There is also the thorny issue that chronic stress/fear or PTSD makes one more susceptible to "infectious" disease. So "chronic stress theory" would be as much as an explanation as "germ theory"... like you say, the bad germs only get out of hand when the body is in a state to allow this. https://substack.com/profile/32671565-gary-sharpe/note/c-16011532 ps Subscribed!

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Timely piece. Focusing on 'germs' is too lucrative. I prefer 'toxin theory' - eliminate the toxic western diet of fast and processed foods, refined sugars, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, chemical laden products for home and body, environmental pollutants and see what happens.

Now all produce including organic is going to be coated with APEEL. It can't be washed off. Gates has his hand in it. Where are the protests?

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There is no such theory as "Germ Theory. " It is a straw man. Germ is an antiquated term. This piece ignores huge, huge masses of functional science, and belongs in the past.

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This is the best explanation of terrain theory I have read.

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